Climbing nimbly up a tree he perched lightly on a sturdy limb, the wood of his bow groaned
softly as the bow string tightened. "Hello," he whispered, smiling slightly at the musical twang
of the bow string; the smartly fletched arrow whistled through the air towards its target. He
closed his eyes in anticipation; his smile fading as only the sound of the rushing water and the
whisper of a light breeze came to his ears. "Lose something?" she asked from behind him with
a soft chuckle, a cold metal point pushing into the front of his throat.

Coiling his muscles he grabbed her arm and threw himself shoulder first at the ground.
"I don't think so," he replied as his assailant flipped over his back; pushing hard with
his legs, he launched himself near vertical off the tree limb. "Oho! I love a challenge,"
she giggled, twisting her lithe body in the air and landing lightly on her feet. She watched
him curl into a summersault and spring into the trees the second his toes touched the ground,
pursing her lips slightly as his confident reply drifted to her ears; "As do I..."

Her pale blue eyes narrowed as she sighted down the white shaft of his expertly made arrow still in
her hand, the purple fletching perfectly balancing out the weight of the honed metal tip. "I may have to
retrieve this one from his body," she thought to herself with admiration before tucking it into her quiver.

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